Outdoor Places

Looking for something to do outside? Our comprehensive list of outdoor places can may lead you to a new park you've never noticed before.

2-Jo's Farm and Western Town ( Van Horne)
Airport National Public Golf (Cedar Rapids)
Cedar Rapids Kernels Baseball (Cedar Rapids)
Devonian Fossil Gorge (Iowa City)
Indian Creek Nature Center (Cedar Rapids)
Iowa Raptor Project (Solon)
Old MacDonald's Farm (Cedar Rapids)
Ushers Ferry Historic Village (Cedar Rapids)
Walking Stick Adventures (Williamsburg)
Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Area (Toddville)



Disc Golf


Ascension Park (Marion)
Auburn Hills Park (Coralville)
Beaver Kreek Park (North Liberty)
Benton Hill Park (Iowa City)
Black Springs Circle Park (Iowa City)
Boyson Park and Trail (Marion)
Brookland Park (Iowa City)
Bryant Park (Mount Vernon)
Butterfield Park (Marion)
Cedar Rapids Parks (Cedar Rapids)
Central Park (Coralville)
Chauncey Swan Park (Iowa City)
City Park (Iowa City)
City Park (Fairfax)
City Park (Marion)
College Green Park (Iowa City)
Coralville Lake (Sugar Bottom, Sandy Beach, West Overlook) (Iowa City)
Court Hill Park (Iowa City)
CRANDIC Park (Iowa City)
Creekside Commons Park (North Liberty)
Creekside Park (Iowa City)
Davis Park (Mount Vernon)
Deerfield Park (North Liberty)
Donnelly Park (Marion)
Dovetail Recreation Area (Coralville)
Edgewater Wetland Park (Coralville)
Elliott Athletic Complex (Mount Vernon)
Elza Park (Marion)
F.W. Kent Park (Oxford)
Fairfax Regional Sports and Park Complex (Fairfax)
Fairmeadows Park (Iowa City)
Faulkes Heritage Woods (Marion)
Fay M Clark Memorial Park (Hiawatha)
Fox Run Neighborhood Park (North Liberty)
Fox Run Park and Pond (North Liberty)
Freedom Park (North Liberty)
Guthridge Park (Hiawatha)
Hanna Park (Marion)
Happy Hollow Park (Iowa City)
Harlocke Hill Park (Iowa City)
Hawks Ridge Park (Fairfax)
Herbert Hoover National Historic Site (West Branch)
Hickory Hill Park (Iowa City)
Highland Park (Iowa City)
Hunters Run Park (Iowa City)
I.C. Kickers Soccer Park (Iowa City)
Iowa Firefighters Memorial (Coralville)
J.W. Gill Park (Marion)
Johnston Park (Lisbon)
Kiddie Corral Park (Coralville)
Kiwanis Park (Iowa City)
Koser Park (North Liberty)
Lake Macbride (Solon)
Liberty Center Pond and Park (North Liberty)
Lincoln Square Park (Lisbon)
Lininger Park (Marion)
Lisbon City Park (Lisbon)
Lowe Park (Marion)
M.A. Ewalt Recreation Area (Coralville)
Memorial Park (Mount Vernon)
Mercer Park (Iowa City)
Napoleon Park (Iowa City)
Nature Park (Mount Vernon)
Ned Ashton Park (Iowa City)
North Market Square Park (Iowa City)
North Ridge Park (Coralville)
Oak Grove Park (Iowa City)
Old Town Park (North Liberty)
Palisades Kepler State Park (Mount Vernon)
Parkview Neighborhood Park (North Liberty)
Peg Pierce Complex (Marion)
Peninsula Park (Iowa City)
Penn Meadows Park (North Liberty)
Pheasant Hill Park (Iowa City)
Pinicon Ridge Park (Central City)
Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area (Palo)
Prairie Creek Park and Disc Golf Course (Fairfax)
Quail Ridge Park (North Liberty)
Reno Street Park (Iowa City)
Rotary Camp Park / Clear Creek Greenbelt (Coralville)
Ryerson's Woods Park (Iowa City)
S.T. Morrison Park (Coralville)
Scott Park (Iowa City)
Skateboard Park (Iowa City)
Starry Park (Marion)
Sturgis Ferry Park (Iowa City)
Taube Park (Marion)
Terrell Mill Park (Iowa City)
Terry Trueblood Recreation Area (Iowa City)
Thomas/Legion Park (Marion)
Tower Court Park (Iowa City)
Tucker Park (Hiawatha)
Underhill Skate Park (Mount Vernon)
Vernon Studt Veterans Memorial Park (Lisbon)
Villa Park (Iowa City)
Waterworks Prairie Park (Iowa City)
Wetherby Park (Iowa City)
Whispering Meadows Wetland Park (Iowa City)
Willow Creek Park (Iowa City)
Willow Park (Marion)
Willowood Park (Marion)
Windsor Ridge Park (Iowa City)
Youth Sports Park (Coralville)

Pools & Swimming Areas

Skate Park

Riverside Skate Park (Cedar Rapids)
Skateboard Park (Iowa City)
Underhill Skate Park (Mount Vernon)

Splash Pads & Wading Pools

Cedar Rapids Splash Pads (Cedar Rapids)
Fairmeadows Park (Iowa City)
Guthridge Park (Hiawatha)
Lisbon City Park (Lisbon)
Mercer Park Aquatic Center (Iowa City)
Tucker Park (Hiawatha)
Wetherby Park (Iowa City)
Willowood Park (Marion)



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