Iowa City Fencing Center
415 Highland Ave Suite 200 Iowa City, IA 52240

The Iowa City Fencing Center is a dynamic venue of recreational and competitive fencing. We offer group classes and individual instruction, birthday parties, and special events for groups in the Olympic sport of fencing.

Classes are separated by age and ability. Children ages 5 and up can participate. Parents can get in on the fun too with a parent/child class or have some "me" time in an adult class.

All equipment is provided; fencers just need to wear long, comfortable pants and athletic shoes.

Classes progress from beginning to continuing to advanced. While many children enjoy fencing recreationally, there is also a Junior Team program for those who become interested in serious competitive fencing.

The facility has large practice rooms and an observation area where parents can sit and watch their children during class times if they wish. The fencing areas have rubberized floors as well as grounded metal strips for competitive practice. There are also several fencing dummies as well as a state-of-the-art electronic target for students to practice their technique. Air-conditioning and ceiling fans keep fencers comfortable through the summer months.

The instructor, Judy O'Donnell, has a Masters of Education from Harvard University and has been coaching fencing for 25+ years. She previously taught at the prestigious Boston Fencing Club where she started and developed programs for children. Judy competed internationally and has had students reach some of the highest levels of competition.



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